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Welcome to Compac Quartz  MG marble and granite of Manchester's New Range 

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Compac Quartz


 Astral Range

Colours with impact, with fragments of glass that reflect the light. A product for creating spaces with pure, modern, innovative decors. In bathrooms and kitchens, this product provides durability and resistance that will last forever. Astral Range consists of Azabache, Lactea, Mediterraneo, Rubi, Titaneo and Universo.

Crystal Range

With incrustations of Venetian crystal in bright colours, the CRYSTAL Line combines exceptional technical specifications with an innovative, up to the minute design. For creating bright new ambiences in kitchen and bathroom, on Worktops and floors. Crystal Range consists of Venecia. 

Genesis Range

Pure, uniform colours for innovative spaces with lots of visual impact. To highlight or minimise your decoration schemes, depending on the requirements of each ambience. This Ranges chromatic affinity with the MARMOL COMPAC range multiplies its decorative possibilities thanks to perfect product combinations. Genesis means, The coming into being of something, the origin. Genesis Range consists of Arena, ceniza, Glaciar, Luna, Nocturno and Plomo.

Imagine Range

Imagine Range consists of New colours chocolat, lila and wine.

Lumicks Range

Lumicks Range consists of the colours Apple, Apricot, Citron, Coco, Fuscia, Orange, Passion and Sky.

Petra Range

Nature was the model. And thanks to our technology, we have incorporated granulo metries in the PETRA Range that enable it to reproduce elements inspired by nature: stones in all their diversity, earth, fire and water. Enabling you to achieve surprising visual effects on all kinds of surfaces. Petra was an ancient ruined city of Edom in present-day southwest Jordan.The ruins of the "rose-red city" were discovered in 1812. The Petra Range consists of Cherokee, Moka, Nougat, Snow and Spring.

Terra Range

Terra Range design allows creating exotic atmospheres in connection with the nature. TERRA Range is the best option for those who still appreciate the value of the natural thing. the Terra Range consists of Cement and Kenya.

Maintenance and upkeep 
Given their exceptional physical and mechanical properties, the regular maintenance of QUARTZ COMPAC materials only requires cleaning with a neutral pH product/detergent. Rinse with water and dry.
For the removal of any remains or waste e.g. oil and grease, wine, vinegar, lemon, fizzy drinks, coffee,on the surface of  all that is required is to wipe with a cloth dipped in a neutral pH detergent. Rinse with water and dry.

As an example, below are solutions to common problems:
Grease stains: dilute a small amount of detergent in water and rub the stain with a cloth. Then rinse with water.

Loss of shine: Use a gloss enhancer that is suitable for use on the worktop, treating it as if it were natural granite.

Water lime stains: Pour vinegar (or any weak diluted acid) onto the surface of the worktop and leave it to work for 1 minute. Rinse with water.

Silicon stains: Use a sharp blade and a little solvent (such as acetone or ethanol). 
Do not place QUARTZ COMPAC in places subject to strong direct sunlight or expose it to UV lighting.

Do not make a habit of placing very hot items on the QUARTZ COMPAC surface (deep-fryers, etc.).

Do not use water-repellents or sealers to bring out the shine

Do not use stripping agents, caustic soda, degreasing products, or products with a pH over 10 or chlorine-based. If you use bleach or a solvent you must rinse with water and never leave them in permanent contact with the surface.

The surface of the material must not be polished, and this applies to floors and worktops.

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