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Granite Care Sheet

How to care for your granite worktops

Thank you for purchasing your new granite worktops from Marlborough Granite Limited. Your granite is hundreds of millions of years old. It has been hued from the ground, cut and polished using the latest computerised machinery and finished by experienced craftsmen. Your granite will remain looking as good as the day it was fitted if it is properly maintained. Maintenance is very simply but there are a few do’s and don’ts.


* Clean up spills immediately
* Clean the worktops regularly using a recommended cleaner. We recommend HANAFINN Rejuvenata™
* If you opted to have the worktops sealed with Dry-Treat Stain-Proof™ register for your 15 year warranty against staining


* Spill anything on the worktops for at least 24 hours after fitting as the sealer will still be curing. The worktops can be used after 24 hours but the sealer will not fully cure for another 7-10 days
* Use harsh or abrasive cleaners (using non approved cleaners may invalidate the 15-year Stain-Proof warranty if applicable)
* Leave anything acidic on the worktops such as lemon juice, red wine etc. for a prolonged period of time. The acid may etch the polished surface leaving a dull spot. No sealer including Stain-Proof™ will fully protect against acid etching.
* Put anything very hot on the worktops. Although granite is quite heat resistant and may withstand hot things sometimes, there is always a risk of a thermal fracture if the temperature of the granite changes rapidly. We recommend using trivets around the kitchen
* Cut directly on the granite. Again granite is very scratch resistant but not scratch proof; it will also dull your knives. We recommend using a chopping board
* Drop anything heavy onto the worktops especially the edges. Although granite is very strong it can also be brittle and may chip

Dry Treat

Dry Treat Kitchen Worktop Sealant
We are Accredited Applicators of Dry-Treat products. This means that granite worktops sealed by us with Dry-Treat Stain Proof™ come with a 15 year product warranty (subject to registration). In effect this means that the worktops are guaranteed against staining for at least 15 years without the need to reseal once a year as with traditional sealers.
Dry-Treat Stain-Proof™ is the only product on the market to offer this level of protection.
Stain-Proof™ works by changing the actual molecular structure of the stone to make it hydrophobic (water repellent) without changing the appearance, slip resistance or breathe-ability of the stone. Also as the molecules of the sealer are 600 times smaller than in traditional sealer they will penetrate a lot further into the stone. A traditional sealer will typically penetrate the surface by about 0.2mm, as the sealer is so near the surface then over the course of time with the granite worktops being used as normal then it will be worn away. Hence the worktops need resealing once a year. Dry Treat Stain-Proof™ will typically penetrate 6-8mm into the surface hence the sealer will never be worn off.